Sunday, 6 March 2011

Lavender Heart Tutorial

I made this to give to my Mum for Mothers Day. She loves Lavender and I hope that she will hang this above her bed to aid sleep and relaxation or in a wardrobe to scent her clothes

I love this project as it does not require a sewing machine and I find hand sewing very relaxing and creative, I also think its very Cath Kidson and a bit Shabby Chic which I know she'll love

To make one you will need:

1x Square of baby blue felt
1x Baby blue ribbon and matching thread
1x Pastel pink and 1x Pastel green silk embroidery thread
1x Large pink flower and 2x Small white buttons
3x Pins, 1x Sewing needle and 1x Tapestry needle
1x Pair of scissors and 1x Pair of pinking shears
1x Small portion of dried Lavender flowers
1x Paper and pencil
1x Darker thread for marking

First draw and cut out a heart stencil, pin onto the felt and sew around with a darker thread to mark the shape of a heart

Draw and cut out stencils for your petals and leaves

Thread the tapestry needle with embroidery thread and tie end

Press the stencil on the felt and embroider around the stencil using the backstitch

Once your flowers and leaves are embroidered sew the buttons on over the top

Cut each of your hearts out, press together and then embroider along the marked line also using the backstitch. As you embroider pull the thread so that the felt is joined together tightly

Embroider all around the heart but leave a gap at the end for the Lavender

Using a spoon, funnel or rolled up bit of paper fill the heart with dried Lavender flowers, you will need to massage the flowers down into the heart

Once filled embroider up the gap, unpick the marking thread and cut around the heart with pinking shears

To hang the heart tie a little ribbon with a loop and a bow and sew to the top of the heart with matching thread

And your Lavender Heart is ready to give as a gift or enjoy yourself

Aurora Dora x

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  1. This is such a great project! I absolutely love it :). Thank you for sharing!